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The band

Saravá Bien is a French and Brazilian duo created in 2016 by Ericão Brasilidade (singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist from São Paulo) and Lucie Girardot (french singer).

The repertoir includes compositions and covers of brazilian songs across various styles, especially traditional rhythms from Brazilian popular culture (coco, carimbó, capoeira, samba de roda...).

The band already performed 300 shows in Europe and Brasil, including La Belle Electrique (Grenoble, France), l'Ampérage (Grenoble, France), l'Espace Paul Jargot (Crolles, France), la salle Pléiade (Allevard-les-Bains, France), le Brin de Zinc (Chambéry, France) and Casa da Cultura (Paraty, Brasil).


Ericão Brasilidade

Ericão Brasilidade is a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer. He graduated from the Faculty of Music Paulista de Artes of São Paulo. His musical background is influenced by traditional rhythms and brazilian popular culture (maracatu, jongo, coco, samba de roda...), which he had been preserving and valorizing during the course of a 20 year career. He founded many cultural projects : he teaches percussion since 2003, has founded and animated 2 groups of maracatu in São Paulo (Viralatisse, Bloco das Pedras), 2 cultural centers (Centro Cultural Butantã, Movimento Brasilidade), 1 radio (Radio Cidadã FM) and participated in many bands, among others, Movimento Brasilidade (SESC network, Virada Cultural Paulista...). In 2019, he won the Price of Popular Cultures by the Brazilian Ministry of Citizenship, gaining recognition as a "Master"of popular culture.                       



Lucie Girardot

Self-taught singer, traveller, polyglot, she fell in love with Brazil and its culture in 2010. She travelled there many times, with the aim of deepening her knowledge of traditional music and folklore. Her musical influences are not limited to the Brazilian Nordeste. It extends to World Music in general, especially from Latin America and Portuguese-speaking Africa. In 2015, she recorded her first CD "Sonhos", before joining the project Saravá Bien.                        


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